Charles Brooks, DMA is a classically trained professional jazz vibraphonist, percussionist, hand drummer, pianist, clinician, composer, and educator. He is the Assistant Professor of Audio Engineering in the Entertainment Industry at the University of North Alabama.. He is also the South's premiere four-mallet jazz vibraphonist actively performing across multiple genres and states, while continuing to teach and mentor budding musicians. He is a five-time Grammy-nominated educator recognized by international audio component giant K&K Sound as their November 2019 Artist of the Month.

In addition to teaching, composing, performing, recording, and mixing and mastering his own original music, Brooks also live streams a jazz vibraphone concert series, FRIDAY NIGHT VIBES, typically held one Friday night a month at 8 p.m. CST. In 2018 he released his first full-length solo percussion album, Empty Hand, which he composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered. In June 2019, Brooks released his second full-length solo album, Inward Reflection: Music for Meditation & Relaxation, and in October 2019 released his third album Soul Magnet, a full-length solo jazz/jazz fusion LP. His fourth solo album, Soul Survivor, released July 1, 2021. All original music is available for purchase here on the website, as well as on most music streaming sites.

By day Brooks molds and mentors eager young minds as Assistant Professor of Audio Engineering in the Entertainment Industry Department at the University of North Alabama. His program is designed so that the focus lies first and foremost on mentoring students while teaching and preparing them with the skills necessary to understand how to seek out, recognize, and be fully prepared for professional opportunities in live sound and studio recording. 

In May 2022, Dr. Brooks published his first textbook, A Practical Approach to Understanding Music Theory, which offers non-music majors the chance to learn and understand the basic concepts in the field of music as it is related to entertainment practice. It is written in a spiral learning manner so even the most inexperienced of persons can start at the beginning and slowly add to their knowledge base, thereby becoming more successful at creating content of substance. He is currently wrapping up two educational instruction manuals, one for the drum set and one for the vibraphone. 

Dr. Brooks is both a studio musician and a performing musician who entertains and captivates audiences with his wildly innovative four-mallet vibraphone playing, performing regularly for both public and private events. Setting him apart are both his talented four-mallet playing and his technique of running the vibes through effects pedals, which provide added texture to his already unique sound. His use of pedals allow those rich vibraphone tones to roll out with multi-dimensional effects that leave listeners with a never-before-heard lasting impression. Brooks is known for his improvisational talents and personalized high-energy performances, and he currently plays the vibraphone as a solo artist, as lead of his jazz groups The Charles Brooks Trio and The Charles Brooks Quartet, and formerly as part of the John Gray Jazz Trio and the Michael Foster Trio in Louisiana. He also sits in as a featured guest hand drummer, set drummer, or vibraphonist with various rock, jazz, funk, and blues groups.

Each of Brooks's albums are available for a listen here on the website and all are written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brooks. Additionally Brooks also is featured on the following other albums: on drum set as part of Vinyl Soup's album Brandon and Travis, available on iTunes; on vibraphone with John Gray on Thursdays at M's, available through Continuum Music; on vibraphone with Ernest Jackson on his Moments Reflected album, available through Continuum Music; and on hand drums with Captain Green on Protect Each Other Together, available through   

Charles Brooks, DMA is available for solo entertainment or to bring in trio/quartet entertainment for listening room experiences, concerts, special events of any kind, birthdays, weddings, brunches, dinner parties, business/restaurant grand openings, festivals, rehearsals, community celebrations, public events, corporate events, corporate parties, fundraisers, graduations, showcases, educational clinics, conferences, political parties, community balls, etc., as well as seasonal music to benefit celebratory holidays like Mardi Gras, Easter, Christmas, New Year's, Memorial Day, etc.

He and any of his groups can be booked through his manager Keeley Brooks by sending an email to  

Dr. Charles Brooks is a featured guest musician on the vibraphone and the drum set with The Michael Foster Project, and he is a nationally featured jazz performer at Louisiana State University, Belmont University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Austin Peay State University, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, the Mid City Jazz Festival, and the Duluth Jazz Festival. He is also a five-time, Grammy-nominated educator. 

Brooks holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts with a Composition minor from Louisiana State University. He studied Composition under Dr. Dinos Constantinides (LSU) and Dr. Jeffrey Wood (Austin Peay), and his extensive study of Jazz and Percussion Performance took place under the instruction of Dr. Christopher Norton (Belmont), Mr. David Steinquest (Austin Peay), Dr. Michael Kingan (Indiana Univ. of Percussion), and Dr. Willis Delony (LSU). He was further mentored by Dr. Thomas King (Austin Peay) and graduated the Berklee School of Music Summer Jazz Series. He has over 30 years’ experience in performance, composition, and education, and nearly two decade’s experience recording live shows. He is a classically trained percussionist, an accomplished jazz musician, and both a public and private instructor and consultant proficient in orchestral performance, jazz studies and performance, percussion studies and performance, and audio engineering.